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package auth2
import (
type registryFuncs interface {
// String returns the name of the plugin
String() string
// MergeFlags merges a list of cli.Flag's for micro.Service
Flags(r *components.Registry) []cli.Flag
// Init should be executed in micro.Init
Init(r *components.Registry, cli *cli.Context) error
// Stop should be executed after service.Run()
Stop() error
// Health returns the health of the plugin
Health(ctx context.Context) error
type VerifierPlugin interface {
// Verify verifies that the user is allowed to access the request, it MUST handle AnonUser
// @return
// error nil if its allowed, else an error
// bool if the error given is a default error
Verify(ctx context.Context, u *User, req server.Request) (error, bool)
// ClientPlugin is for services that act as client's behind GinRouter
type ClientPlugin interface {
// Set the Verifier for this Client
AddVerifier(v VerifierPlugin)
// ServiceContext adds the ServiceUser to the context (when using JWT's it will overwrite the Authorization Header)
ServiceContext(ctx context.Context) (context.Context, error)
// Inspect a context
Inspect(ctx context.Context) (*User, error)
// WrapHandlerFunc runs the authentication
WrapHandlerFunc(ctx context.Context, req server.Request, rsp interface{}) error
// RouterPlugin is for routers that forward the token or do other stuff required by ClientPlugin
type RouterPlugin interface {
// Inspect a http.Request
Inspect(r *http.Request) (*User, error)
// ForwardContext should forward all required informations from http.Request to the resulting context.
ForwardContext(u *User, r *http.Request, ctx context.Context) (context.Context, error)