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date: 2018-04-22T21:24:00+02:00
title: "vcs-mirrors: Git/Bazaar/SVN mirroring"
author: jochum
- Bazaar
As Gitlab CE (Community Edition) does not support Mirroring people came up with external tools,
one i found fast is: [gitlab-mirrors]( but i had troubles
with it (it did always prune) so i decided to write my own python-only fork of it.
I came up with [vcs-mirrors]( which i released on [PyPi](
### Requirements
- Python 3.5+ (Debian Stretch+, Ubuntu Xenial+)
- virtualenv if you don't want to mess with System Python
- [git-remote-bzr]( for Bazaar support
### Features
* Mirror different types of source repositories: Bazaar, Git, Subversion. Mirror all into git.
* GitLab mirror adding.
* When adding a mirror if the project doesn't exist in GitLab it will be auto-created.
* Set project creation defaults (e.g. issues enabled, wiki enabled, etc.)
* Github mirror adding.
* Same as with Gitlab.
* mirror anything to Git (not just Gitlab and Github).
* Update a single mirror.
* Update all known mirrors.