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2015-02-08T13:00:00+01:00 First hugo post jochum
My Blog

Today i moved my wordpress blog to hugo, it will allow me to post faster use less resources and i can share my content on github.

I've been using Markdown a lot recently to document my own stuff, now i'm able to just copy it to my blog and publish it.

[Hugo]( is a open source tool written by [@spf13]( in [go]( that converts [Markdown]( documents into static pages or serves them as server.

Tools i've been using while converting:

  • Ubuntu GNU/Linux MATE - The MATE flavor of Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

  • - I use Atom since some weeks, it has been a nice replacement for the shareware and closed source Sublime.

  • To-Markdown - A useful HTML-to-Markdown converter, which I've been using while switching to Hugo.

  • source - runs trough Hugo and its source helped me alot to build this blog.

  • On-liner to test trough all themes, run in your sites root:

    for i in $(find themes/ -maxdepth 2 -iname 'theme.toml'); do
    echo -e "\nCurrent Theme: $(expr match "$i" 'themes/.*/theme.toml')\n";
    hugo server --buildDrafts --watch
    --theme=$(expr match "$i" 'themes/.*/theme.toml');

This blog uses: