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2016-12-02T07:32:00+01:00 LXD and live migration / Canonical needs support for CRIU jochum

LXD is a container "hypervisor", its similiar to XEN, KVM, VirtualBox or VMWare if you use it Linux only.

Lex-dee is a full stack os hypervisor while Docker's main focus lays on app containerisation.

Some of the main features of LXD are:

  • Live Migrations (Move one container to another Host while its running)
  • Secure by design
  • Scalable
  • Intuitive to use
  • Its image based
  • Supports limits (Max memory, CPU, disk IO)
  • Support for multiple network interfaces, by macvlan or bridges
  • Support for bind mounts and mounting block devices into containers
  • On ZFS and BTRFS containers take only a little space

Nice features, not? But there's a catch, Canonical isn't supporting the live Migration work anymore:

Canonical CRIU Support

Please tell Canonical that you need LXD live migrations if your a paying customer of Canonical or if you get one!

P.s.: XEN, KVM, Virtualbox and VMWare is ofc more secure than containers, we should compare it to Docker, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo and FreeBSD jail.