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2022-09-16T04:33:00+01:00 Homeserver jochum

My Homeserver runs a lot of Free Open Source Software, maybe you find something for yourself?

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian what to say about Debian, I have it on my Desktop and all of my Servers since around version 4.0. On my Desktop i use Debian Testing/sid.

Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Server

Im a big fan of Proxmox, I use theier Virtual Environment which runs both LXC and KVM Machines since a long time and the Backup Server since it's out there. It's just ROCK Stable.

SUSE Rancher with it's K3S

k3s the lightweight alternative to Kubernetes Mainline, you can select your K/V storage, so no etcd which is using all of my disk IO/s :)


MariaDB power's my K3S and some other stuff

PowerDNS with phpIPAM for splitdns

I have all my Domains in a splitdns environment for that I use a PowerDNS and phpIPAM as Mangement UI.

Unbound DNS Cacher

Rock solid DNS Cacher from cz labs

Public Services

  • Drone for CI/CD Pipelines
  • Gitea my private Github
  • GoHarbor docker registry WITH caching of other registries!
  • Traefik HTTP/3 ready proxy which integrates nicely into Kubernetes.
  • NextCloud Syncing files with it, also using Calobora CODE to have in Browser/online office.
  • Mail: Postfix, Dovecot, postfixAdmin, roundcube in custom build containers
  • PostgreSQL All apps that do Postgres are running on Postgres with help of PostgresOperator from Zalando.
  • pgAdmin
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Vaultwarden - Bitwarden Server replacement in lightweight rust
  • Zitadel My IAM of choice