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2014-12-15T00:00:00+01:00 Encrypt your Dropbox (or parts of it) on Linux jochum

UPDATE: EncFS is considered to be insecure (see this Audit), i will use eCryptFS instead, see this manual. If you still want to use EncFS use gnome-encfs-manager instead of gnome-encfs below.

I have some sensetive Data on my Laptop i want to sync with other Computers i own, found this Howto on howto do that. Theres also a Windows "port" of encfs - safe, didn't test it tough.

This is what i did (on Linux Mint 17 64bit):

sudo apt-get install encfs
cd ~/Downloads
mv ~/exchange ~/exchange2
sudo install gnome-encfs /usr/local/bin/
mkdir ~/Dropbox/.encrypted_exchange ~/exchange
encfs ~/Dropbox/.encrypted_exchange ~/exchange/ # answered "p for paranoia mode
gnome-encfs -a ~/Dropbox/.encrypted_exchange/ ~/exchange # enter, then password, then Y
cat /etc/mtab | grep encfs # Should give one line with /home/your_username/exchange
cd ~/exchange && rsync -avP ~/exchang2/* .
du -sh ~/exchange ~/Dropbox/.encrypted_exchange ~/exchange2 # All 3 folders should be a the same size
# rm -r ~/exchange2 # Do this only if you have a backup!