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2015-06-14T19:42:00+01:00 Firefox Addons i use jochum
Firefox Addons

These are the Firefox Addons i use for privacy, development and some fine utilities.


  • uBlock Open Source AddBlock Plus.
  • Ghostery Blocks tracker cookies and websites.
  • HTTPS-Everywhere Uses HTTPS wherever possible.
  • KeeFox Integrates KeePass into Firefox.
  • FlagFox Shows you where the server your connection to is.


  • IPvFox Show's whetever i'm connecting over IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Firebug Nice to debug Javascript and Networking.
  • Web Developer Every developer should have this installed, a lot of handy tools.


  • DownThemAll! It has a great feature to limit the Download Bandwith.
  • User Agent Overrider Need this for Silverlight testing.
  • Greasemonkey Modify sites on the client side with Javascript (add/remove features and so on)


  • OpenH264 (Comes with FF)